Java Script Interview Question

What are the different data types in javascript?

What is Deep Copy and Shallow Copy in Javascript ?

What the Difference between Var , Let and Const in Java Script.

What is Closure in javascript.

What are the Callback Function in javascript

What is Iife Imediate Invoke function in java script ?

What is higher order function in HOF

What is curing method in javascript ?

What is memoization in javascript ?

What is recursion in programming language. ?

What are use of constructor function in javascript?

what are arrow function.?

what is rest parameter and spread operator ?

what is use of promise in java script ?

what the benefit of arrow function ?

What the Difference between Filter and Find in Array.

What is Event Loop

what is Object destructing ?

What is Temporal dead zone.

Difference between Aspc/ Await and generator uses to achieve the same function ?

What the different between synchronous and asynchronous in java script ?

Laxical scope in javascript and scope chain.

what is webpack ?

what is inheritence in js ?

Difference between Map and for Each

What if for loop and while loop and do while loop

How to change array to object.

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