How to create React Js open-source Chat Platform

Chat Platform React

Hello friends today i am sharing with you open-source Chat Platform I (Anson) am building from the ground up. To watch the full development process from the beginning, you can check it out up-to-date┬áplaylist on YouTube. To see the back-end project, see the┬áChat Platform NestJS repository. This is the React project for the open-source Chat … Read more

React Interview Question

What is Virtual Dom in React. What is JSX What the Difference between Props and State what is Props Drilling What is Router Difference between useState, UseEffect and useContext What the Difference between NPM and NPX in react What are Higher Order Components. What are react Hooks. Why functional components are better than class based … Read more

Java Script Interview Question

What are the different data types in javascript? What is Deep Copy and Shallow Copy in Javascript ? What the Difference between Var , Let and Const in Java Script. What is Closure in javascript. What are the Callback Function in javascript What is Iife Imediate Invoke function in java script ? What is higher … Read more

What is Array Method in Javascript

Hello friends today we are talking about Array Method in javascript. let myNumber = [4, 1, 8, 9, 7, 45, 7, 64];console.log(myNumber);delete myNumber[1]console.log(myNumber);console.log(myNumber[1]) let myNewNumber = [1, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16]; let myChannel = myNumber.concat(myNewNumber);console.log(myChannel); // sort method myNumber.sort()console.log(myNumber); myNumber.splice(2, 4, 47, 98, 74);console.log(myNumber);